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Plants throughout all stages of development require a readily available supply of calcium.  Calcium is essential because of its ability to neutralize organic acids in the plant.  This neutralization process enables the plant to derive a steady supply of water and nutrients from the soil.  Calcium is important in the development of a strong plant substructure. This ongoing strengthening process occurs when calcium combines with pectin, forming a material that cements and binds cell walls together. Calcium also serves as a catalyst for the release of other nutrients in the soil.

    There are several symptoms that indicate a calcium defiency in plants, usually defined as "Blosson End Rot".  The most common of these are the plants leaves' inability to unfold or emerge.  Also, many plants often display a slight yellowish green tint, and in extreme cases, they are stunted.  Other symptoms include death of the stem's growing point and root tip.  Less severe deficiencies are not visible, but are limiting productioin.  In these cases, small amounts of TOMATO-FIX  produce significant increases in crop yields.

    Deficiencies in calcium are found mostly in acidic, sandy, peat and muck-base soils.  Other types of soils like silt and clay loams can also be deficient.  Certain planting practices and environmental factors contribute to the lack of available calcium.  These are use of high amounts of potash, drought conditions, and reduction of soil pH caused by intensive crop production.  Agricultural limestone is used often to increase the soil's pH and as a source of calcium, unfortunately, the calcium is not in a readily available form for the plants and  may take many years to become available to the plant.  This is why TOMATO-FIX  should be applied,    TOMATO-FIX is immediately available.

  • TOMATO-FIX can be used both as a soil application or a foliar spray at rates of up to two gallons per acre or 19 liters per hectare of cultivation.
  • TOMATO-FIX is compatible with most herbicides, fungicides, and nitrogen solutions. TOMATO-FIX should not be mixed with phosphate or potash solutions.
    TOMATO-FIX is a specially formulated fermented mixture made up of calcium saturated with an organic chelating agent to make it readily available to the plant.  Nitrogen is added to act as a carrier to enhance the calcium and nutrient intake into the plant.
    TOMATO-FIX contains highly soluble technical nutrient sources and compounds derived from a multiple fermentation process. (+)
  • Nitrogen (N) 6.00%
    Calcium (Ca.) 6.00%
    Zinc Chloride (ZnCl) 0.05%
    Magnesium Chloride (MgCl) 0.5%
    Iron Sulfate (FeSO4) 0.1%

    TOMATO-FIX also contains inert ingredients and a biological activator solution stabilized by 0.1% hydrochloric acid.