Waste Management System

BIO-CURE Liquid Activator is a very concentrated, powerful bacterial stimulant, and the heart of the BIO-CURE waste management process.  BIO-CURE Liquid Activator is an organic extract produced through a complex series of stages of fermentation and digestive processes.  It stimulates facultative aerobic and anaerobic bacteria to multiply digesting enzymes.  The primary function of the BIO-CURE Liquid Activator is to cause a shift from an anaerobic action to aerobic, where air is available, reducing the production of offensive odors associated with the activity of anaerobic bacteria.

BIO-CURE Compost Starter (Red Label)  is a formula of specific freeze-dried bacteria and fungi  designed to attack high fiber materials such as rice hulls, coffee bean hulls, sugar cane bagasse, etc.  When used according to the instructions it will greatly accelerate the composting and digesting of high fiber materials as well as normal composting materials.  It will also greatly reduce the odors normally associated with this process.  High fiber materials such as rice hulls and coffee bean hulls can be completely composted in 60 to 90 days.


For millions of years natural composting has been nature's way of recycling waste from one generation to the next.  In composting, soil micro-organisms, with the help of the enzymes that they produce, digest complex molecules such as proteins, starches, fats and cellulose into more basic compounds that can be used again for future plant growth.  With composting nature's way, the waste material from one crop is digested in the same area where it was produced.
In order for the composting process to get started quickly and decompose the wastes as fast as possible it is important to make sure that the correct organisms are added to the material to be composted.  Selected strains of bacteria and fungi are found in the BIO-CURE Compost Starter  (Red Label) that are able to decompose cellulose at a rate three to five times that of normal bacteria.  BIO-CURE Compost Starter contains bacteria that are very active in medium temperatures, to start the fast breakdown of the easy to degrade compounds, and a high temperature fungus that rapidly degrades cellulose and lignins found in the material.  BIO-CURE Liquid Activator is used to keep the biological activity at a high level during the composting period.
By working with nature to control the moisture, oxygen, temperature and carbon/nitrogen ratio and using selected and adapted micro-organisms, composting can now be done in several weeks compared to what would previously take several months.  Also because of the use  of a high temperature fungus, complex synthetic chemicals can begin to be degraded in the compost pile.


BIO-CURE Liquid Activator:
Naturally occurring biochemical mixture derived from an aquatic ecosystem and stabilized by the addition of 0.1% hydrochloric acid.

BIO-CURE Compost Starter (Red Label):
Non-corrosive, non-pathogenic, biological mixture containing biological accelerators, thermophyillic bacteria, fungi, and actinomycetes.